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Adam Ezra Group

playNaive Little Me

from View From The Root (2010) BUY AEG STORE

well I'd breath in your skin once the soap smell was gone  

when we'd lie around the house with the radio on


but naive little me, oh the innocent fawn


never realized I had you on loan



if I could bottle that smell I could sustain this old smile


like a puff from the bowl it might numb me a while


I'd drink you like wine but all I'd taste is the bile


from the indifference I heard in your tone


don't leave me here on my own



well you left with a fanfare a big ole' parade


a scene at the palace, your impetuous slave


couldn't keep his mouth shut even after forbade


for he dreamed of a seat at your throne



well this must have amused you, a jester was he


to dance in your presence desperate to see


just one glimpse in his eyes be it love or pity


but none such human a gesture was shown


don't leave me here on my own



well I'd like to recall you as underworld bound


with cursed, virtuous pets you keep chained to the ground


a Hades spawned creature with snakes all around


turning all of your suitors to stone



and I'd like to believe I've escaped from your hold


fleeing misery, demonous tortures untold


ah but if I could tame you the treasures behold


will remain to me ever unknown


don't leave me here on my own



well my talent is wasted, my wit's unresolved


I've doubled my ante, I've scratched and I've clawed


and I'm battered and beaten like some back alley dog


made of nothing but skin and bone



so I'll write down a letter, I'll sing and I'll pray


and it will help to console me in some self-indulged way


so fuck you my darling, I'll see you someday


when a sturdier heart I have grown


cause you left me here on my own



adam ezra group

adam ezra group

updated: 6 years ago