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from Sessions (2003) BUY

i hung around late night looking for a pretty smile. i said my goodbyes and i swallowed my pride and i went out to walk a while. as i strolled myself down an empty road the sun came up in the sky and i said to myslef, “far as i can tell, i’m back on the lonely mile”


and i don’t talk to the devil ‘cause she makes me cry don’t spit at the wind when she blows in my eye don’t flirt with disaster ‘cause she’s much to smart don’t look for forever ‘cause she’ll break my heart and i don’t know how and i don’t know why i get into trouble every time that i try sometimes i laugh loud, sometimes i just smile back on the lonely mile

i went to town the other day to pick up some wine for my soul. when I got back home she’d packed up and gone left a note on the radio. it said I’m tired of this station so I’m moving on sometimes you got to turn the dial. she wished me the best and i ventured a guess i was back on the lonely mile


she could be buried deep like gold inside the ground. and she could play hide and seek where no one is around and she could be out of reach like a bird up in the sky but that won’t stop my trying


chorus 2

i don’t run with the cheetah ‘cause she’ll tucker me out don’t fall for the righteous ‘cause she’ll just leave doubt don’t hang with the wisdom ‘cause she’ll make me think don’t fall for the water ‘cause she’ll let me sink and i don’t know how…

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