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Adam Ezra Group

playMiss Hallelujah

from Ragtop Angel BUY Nimbit

you can stay or you can run
either way you got miles to go
and i can see you cryin
but you know you don't have to worry bout it now

i'm gonna stick it out
gonna fight the fight
and you say you wonder why
but you already know

dear miss hallelujah
won't you take our fortunes please
and we're all just tryin to move ya
so could you be kind on days like these
it's the city that never sleeps
i can hear it rattling its cage
but beauty sometimes hides
in the strangest of places


gotta stand up on your own sometimes
gotta make it feel like home sometimes
cause it's all you'll ever own
this life is gonna knock you up and down you gotta bleed to make it right


updated: 4 years ago