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Adam Ezra Group

playTakin' Off Today

your daddy told you you would rise above
the run down shadows of this town you love
but bussing tables seems to pay the bills
your mama's legacy, you're test of will
you're a rag-top angel, you're amazing grace
time to gamble on the life we chase
take a last look out on
turn the keys and we're gone
who cares if monday there'll be hell to pay
we've got miles to go and
i will drive it slow and
we are takin off today
we're takin off
i always knew you'd be the girl for me
you went on bout the place you would one day see
but months and years can pass like fire flies
till all you're left with is the passing time
i've had notions bout this skeleton town
one lucky storm could take the whole place down
and there you're standing with your eyes like mine
dare it all to take us down this time


Written by Adam Ezra
Produced by Aaron Johnson

Tattered Strings Music

updated: 5 years ago