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playDesperate Plea From the Heart of a Shit-Head

from Daniel The Brave BUY Store

desperate plea from the heart of a shit head

i find myself lost for the first time

all of the moments i had to myself are now spent picturing you

but i am not cross, and this ain't a goodbye

i am convinced that you one day will realize the pain that you're putting me though

‘cause i worked on a farm met a girl with a charm in a stable

we laughed all the time drank our cranberry wine in a fable

her lips tasted sweet and i loved her as much as i was able

but i could not fall when i recalled

how when you and i walk down the street

the sky'd tuck itself round our heads

and all of the people we'd meet

would come to life in the story we'd set

and i just don't know when this will happen again

if you are not set intractably forward

with your cool boyfriend, your job, and your home it's a 5 hour trip if you fly

you could come live with me down here in the basement

it's cold in the winter, wet in the summer, but i know that we could get by

‘cause i went into town met a girl in a gown at a bar

she was smart, talked about art, drank her champagne, and ate caviar

we made love in the back of her stretch-cadillac, fancy car

but i could not fall when i recalled

how when you and i figured it out

that time was just space for our breath

it would tangle and spiral and soar

past the trees that all swayed round our heads

and i just don't know when this will happen again

if i could just say, i know i'm a shit head

i know it was me that took off and left you, but i was just anxious and dumb

i don't know what i learned.  i still march to the dyslexic drummer

maybe i just needed some time to myself to write all the songs that i've sung

yeah i traveled throughout this whole world lived without and within

i’ve read newspapers and books, learned how heros and crooks lose and win

i even tried me some drugs, and i still ain't found love...then again

i start to fall when i recall

you and i standing alone

with the glowing sun closing it's eyes

as we'd melt into one in the dark

and make our own mountains and skies

and my beat up guitar sounds like rain

as it pours out the soul of the world

which is filled with regrets and mistakes

and the hearts of a fellah and girl

and it all breaths in time to this song

in flashes of blistering red

it will find you wherever you are

and wrap itself round both our heads

cause i just don't know when this will happen again...


Adam Ezra Group


updated: 3 years ago