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Adam Ezra Group

playBeautiful Doom

from Chain (2005) BUY

beautiful doom:

winter breeze on a summer day

hit the road and i run away

in a tail wind of blue and grey

streamin out on cue

read your sign like a caveat

i’ll take a look baby what you got

then i’ll cut line like a pistol shot

ringin like it do

and don’t you look away

cause i may be gone today


‘cause i’m going forward

on a rocket flight

gonna burn out bright

and you’re lookin over

to see if i can shoot that moon

to my beautiful doom

and i’m heady like a nursery rhyme

enigmatic like a five and dime

cut me open you can see it shine

delusion on the fool

but i’ll parade it like the stanley cup

the pied piper for the bottom up

knock on wood for a little luck

and that will see me through

and don’t you look away

‘cause i may be gone today


could be like cashin in a ten grand check

or starin at a ten car wreck

you never know what you’re gonna get

when the tragic chase the muse

it’s just my simple, vapid, little rhapsody

top heavy with some melody

smoothed over in a velvet key

to scintillate and soothe

and i won’t look away

‘cause i may be gone today


updated: 6 years ago