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Adam Ezra Group


from Chain (2005) BUY


in a dim reflection of a move i make

i get the feeling every  moment is at stake

in a quiet hour, no one else around

i try to gather up the strength to take this demon down


and i keep my vision on the sky

in another day of do or die

and they tell me that with luck i may get by

well i’m waiting

gonna play it softly, gonna take it slow

‘cause even when i look within i’m still the last to know

gonna feed the fire, gonna take my time

gonna measure every breadth and every fleeting sign


streets are dark and empty, leaves are on the ground

a little bit of vision laid in each brick of this town

half a mile to boston, autumn wind is cold

and someday i’ll learn that i’m as wise as i am old

updated: 6 years ago