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Adam Ezra Group

playDiamond Eyes

from Chain (2005) BUY

diamond eyes:

in the waking hours i can do ok

it’s the sleep that brings me down

and i’ve noticed that you’ve got a lot to say

wisdom tossed onto the ground


and i will not take my rest tonight

and i will not fall for your diamond eyes

and i’ll stand my ground to my demise

or to my happy end

either way i’ll be back again

you’re looking stunning with that horse you came in on

the perfect sight for my sore eyes

but i’d like to see you now without your makeup on

and your hair uncombed or dyed


the circus comes to town, the legends will be told

the folks will come and pay the fee

but all that glitters certainly can not be gold

and you are you and i am me


updated: 6 years ago