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Adam Ezra Group

you can help us get on the rock boat!

so i just saw this posting from a super fan on the facebook page and i wanted to pass it along to you:

               hey AEG fans!!! ever heard of The Rock Boat? it's an annual 4-5 day cruise hosted by Sister Hazel. It's basically a floating music festival, and one of the best times you can have on water! WE WANT AEG ON THE BOAT!!! They'd be the perfect fit!!! Pleeeeease show some support and encourage veteran Rock Boat attendees to ...check them out by joining the message board and posting here: The folks who book the cruises DO pay attention and take note of every band that is suggested, so we need your help! THANK YOU!!!!!

totally amazing! thanks, jb, for posting it!

well i checked out the message board and posted a little thank you comment... it's pretty easy to do. if you could post something on the board it would be HUGE!
The Rock Boat is a pretty prestigious event with great bands every year, and it would be amazing for us to be a part of it.

it has really been amazing to see all that you have helped us accomplish: sell out shows in NH, MA, and NY... spins on radio stations across the country... major recording opportunities... and, who knows, the rock boat!?

thanks again!