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Adam Ezra Group

adam ezra group on rotation at WERS 88.9!!!

hey folks-
so this has been an exciting week!
yesterday we found out we're on rotation on one of the coolest stations in the country: WERS 88.9! they are the first radio station in the country to spin this new cd! it's huge news for us....
check out this feature on their website:

so it's on now! give them a call and tell them how fantastic you think it is that they are spinning view from the root from the adam ezra group! what song do you think they should play? half a hero? katie? another sunshine? soul's for? something else? let em know!

here's the number: 617-482-8890

or send them an email:

tune in or listen online! 88.9 has been a preset in my car for a long time, so this is very exciting for us!

and as we type, we're in the studio with producers aaron johnson and warren huart (the fray) and we can't wait for you to hear what we're creating over here!