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A Festivus Miracle? Dec 17 in Maine, Dec 18 in NH!

A Festivus Miracle Dec 17 in Maine Dec 18 in NH
I knew that something went badly awry, when Josh's young daughter had  a tear in her

eye, after reading our tale of the Festivus Grinch.

She does not care about concerts and fun, for she is in bed by like 8:21! She's only

5, filled with holiday cheer. She has not yet discovered the glory of beer. She said to

me "Adam," one night on the phone, "What about the poor Grinch? He will end up


So....  I offer this alternate end to the fable, we'll send it out pronto by

email and cable!


How the Grinch (Almost) Stole Festivus...(Revised Ending)

...The Grinch he will come out in Portland on Fri, with his smallest of hearts and hate

in his eye. He'll try to get in to the Empire show, but t'will be all sold out, he'll be

turning to go... He'll be sad, he'll be angry. He'll be at wit's end, due to thousands of

fans who come out with their friends.

But just as he's ready to finally give up, he'll hear a faint voice from behind him

pipe up. "Mr. Grinch, is that you?" say's the bouncer named Chris, "Hold up

just a moment. Your name's on their list!"  For sure enough

people, in Chris' right hand is a Festivus ticket, "...with love, from the band"

The Grinch stumbles into the Empire Club, still clutching his VIP Festivus stub, and

suddenly he is surrounded by fans, from Portland and Freeport, and other strange


"There's no way you’re going to see from back here!" says Daisy, the hippie into his

left ear. She takes his hand firmly and leads through the crowd to the front of the

stage where the music is loud.

The dancing! The Singing! The love all around! Ole Grinchy just stands there still

wearing a frown, until Bobby McDoogle slides up to his spot, slaps him square on

the back, and hands him a shot. "Happy Festivus, brother!" he says with a grin, and

this is where all of the mayhem begins...

The night will rage on, the details get hazy, he'll dance on the bar, he will hook up

with Daisy! And Portlanders tall and the small will all say that the Grinch's old heart

grew three sizes that day.

Here is the info, it's this Friday night! The beers will be flowing. The bands will be

tight! We'll be donating some of the take from the door to the food bank in Maine for

the hungry and poor. Gervasi will open, with This Way on next, and AEG headlines,

go send out a text! all of your people who like to throw down, the Holiday Festivus

is coming to town!!

And for Josh's daughter, whose  folks'll read this aloud, I hope that this tale makes you

happy and proud. You have changed history! That's what I'm thinking. Though I

hope your folks skipped the sections 'bout the sex and the drinking.

The Second Annual Rockoustigrass Winter Solstice Soiree and Holiday Festivus featuring the Adam Ezra Group, This Way, and Amanda Gervasi will take place at 9 pm at Empire Dine and Dance on Friday Dec. 17.

Night 2 of the Festivus featuring the Adam Ezra Group and John Colvert will take place the next night Dec 18 at Tupelo Music Hall in Londonderry NH. All Ages! BYOB!

tickets and info at

updated: 6 years ago