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The First Annual Ramble!

The First Annual Ramble
May 2
get tickets:
 Blue Ocean Music Hall (formerly called: Tupelo Music Hall) - Salisbury MA
 4-6 pm: pre-amble:
               - food and drinks
              - hang time with the band
               - take a stroll on the beach
              - more!
 6-8  pm: the show!
 All Ages!


What is a ramble, you ask?  Good question!



Essentially, the ramble is a benefit concert with a twist.  We know there are groups of you out there, all over New and friends of  AEG who love live music, love festive adventure, and really love when live music and festive adventure can somehow positively affect the world around you!



yup, us too...



We also know that the hardest part of organizing a group of humans is transportation!



again, we feel you...



This is what we've come up with:



If you can organize at least 20 folks to come to the ramble, we'll send a bus to transport you to and from the show!



-Wanna get people together for a pre-concert-party bar-b-q in your back yard? The bus can pick you up there!



-wanna all meet up before the show at your favorite spot in Harvard Square or Portland Maine? The bus will swing by!  Free!



-Students!  Got a bunch of friends itchin' for live music but impossible to motivate off campus or outa town.  The bus will come to u!



Just feel like comin' to the show, and not down with the whole bus thing?  Cool!  Buy a ticket and head on over!  We want you to be a part of this!



at our Paradise concert in January the AEG community raised over $5k for our favorite charity doing relief work in Haiti - Partners in Health.  It was an amazing feeling.  Not only that we were able to contribute to something that matters, but that we could do this through bringing a ton of our favorite people together and throwing a ridiculously fun party.  



Help us do it again.  



This time on the beach.



This time with buses.



Get rambled...

updated: 7 years ago