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Adam Ezra Group

-Wanna Be in Our Video??

we're gonna be shooting a video in boston for "miss hallelujah" on june 21 and you can be in it!

there are lots of ways to be involved!

ok... video time!
we'd love for you all to be in as many of these shots as you want!
it's all going down on tuesday. we're gonna be filming all over boston all day long so keep in mind these locations and times are our best guess! we'll try to keep you updated on and
but these are the shots we want you to be a part of:
6:15 AM (30 min)- meet at the teammates statue at fenway park. (corner vann ness and ipswich st) if u can, wear or bring sox gear! (if not, that's cool too!)
11:05 AM (10 min)- Meet at the Boston Garden sign at the Garden. if you can, wear or bring bs and cs gear! (if not, that's cool too!)
11:40 AM (15 min) - Meet at the Govt Center T stop. if you can, wear business attire! (if not, that's cool too!) your job is to walk by us and pay as little attention to as you can. you're a busy person. you gotta get to work!
12:00 Noon (30 min?)- meet at the gazebo in the Boston Common. you are going to be protesters. we'll give you all need! signs, etc...
1:40 PM- (20 min) meet at seven's Ale House 77 Charles Street.
send a note to if you have any questions... otherwise, see you tuesday!

updated: 5 years ago