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Adam Ezra Group

-FedEx Underground Music Update!

June 2011:

alas. we have some bad news to report. although we did win the fan voting for the FedEx underground music series contest, the judges didn't wind up choosing us.

here is an artists rendering of how we all feel about the whole thing:

adam----> &:(

josh -----> [8{(}

turtle -----> #:[

rob -----> ^8(

we have onlyourselves to blame. (although, i bet you forgot to send the judges those chocolate chip cookies, didn't you? so maybe we can share the share blame.)

thank you to all those who voted, though. you all rocked it and we seriously appreciate everything you do!! and congrats to the winners: Big 10-4 from florida. they're a kick ass band and we wish them well!

April 2011:

thank you!!

looks like AEG has won the fan voting in the FedEx underground music competition for a recording contract at Ardent Studios!

the top 3 bands are now submitted to a panel for the final decision. so it’s in the judges hands now! (we hear they enjoy chocolate chip cookies, single malt scotch, and cash)

aezra 1154

(official judge)

updated: 5 years ago