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Hey all,

With over 200 people on board so far helping us fund and produce our album, we are really starting to feel like this will end up being, hands down, the best album we've ever made!!

We've been loving the input from our fan/producers, and so far we've posted 8 out of 23 final demos for listening and feedback! Here are a couple samples:

aezra 3971
aezra 3971

John Oates:
aezra 3971

You may know that Adam has been writing songs with John over the past year and a half. Well, we are currently working on studio versions of the songs that are all contenders for this next album, and in the end of February, John will be meeting Adam in Nashville to record on our album!!!!

Pledge Packages:

aezra 3971

There are tons of ways you can contribute to this album project and support AEG. As of last week we just posted 3 new pledge packages including a signed copy of Adam's latest solo/live album, a field trip with Turtle, and a simple "I Love You" box for those of you too busy to worry about all this producing business!!

Check it all out HERE.

Get Folked:
aezra 3971

Thanks to an incredible group of hosts from around the country, and amazing fans everywhere we go, Adam is loving the

Get Folked Tour, and is officially half way through his 40 stop living room whirlwind! Many of the shows are sold out already, but check HERE to see if he's comin your way...reserve your spots while you can!!

Adam will be hitting these states in the next 3 weeks:
NY, CT, VT, NJ, CA, UT, OR, WY, CO, MA, & NH!!!

Spring Tour:

AEG will be hitting the ground running, starting in the end of Feb. We can't wait to start playing together again!!!

Check out our TOUR PAGE for the latest on our schedule!

Carribean Cruise:
aezra 3971

In case you haven't heard yet, we are hitting the tropics with the incredible Max Creek & Donna The Buffalo in the end of March for a week of music and warm luxuriation on a giant cruise ship!! Wanna come? Yup, there's still room! Find out more HERE.

We love you!!

- team aeg

updated: 3 months ago