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Adam Ezra Group

- ADAM EZRA IS COMING TO RAID YOUR FRIDGE (...and also maybe play music in your living room)

- ADAM EZRA IS COMING TO RAID YOUR FRIDGE and also maybe play music in your living room


Last January, Adam traveled to 30 different living rooms all over the country to play house concerts for AEG fans.
It's one of the craziest adventures we've sent him on, and he not only had an incredible time, he actually wants to do it again!!!

Never heard of a house concert? Picture an unwashed, barefoot, hippie folk musician showing up at your front door, hangin’ with you and your family, and then giving a private living room concert for your friends, family, neighbors, and local Adam Ezra fans. Yup, this really happens, and yup, it's a pretty 'folked up' bowl of awesome...

If you think there's a chance you might be interested in hosting 30-75 people in your home sometime in January/February, please fill out THIS ONLINE APPLICATION to give us all the information we need!

Someone from our team will then be in touch to fill you in on all the details that go into making a house concert happen. Some of these details include: days you’d want to host, times that work, number of people who you think will attend, where the performance will take place and how much tickets will cost for all those who attend.

If, after this conversation, you are still interested in being a part of this bizarre and incredible folk tradition, your name will be added to our list of interested hosts.
We would then let you know if we can make a house concert work with you this year, and help get all the details squared away!

Because we will have way more applicants than dates available, when filling out the form, it is helpful for us to know how many people you'd expect, if you can provide accommodations and any other details you think would be helpful. It will also help us if you can be as responsive as possible to follow up communication from our team, so please tell us the best way to get in touch with you!


Tickets are still available for a bunch of amazing shows AEG has coming up before the end of the year, including 4 tour dates with STEVE MILLER BAND, The Halloween Party in Portland, ME, a benefit show opening for COLIN HAY, The Boston Holiday Concert at The Sinclair, New Year's Eve in NH, and MANY OTHER FUN CONCERTS THROUGHOUT THE NORTHEAST!! click here for the full tour schedule...

We love you.

updated: 6 months ago