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Happy New Year!!!

2016 was big for us here at camp AEG, and 2017 already looks like it's going to be an unprecedented year of touring and making music together!!

We're so excited and grateful to have you here along for the ride with us!!

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Get Folked Tour 2017:

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Over the next 6 weeks, Adam will be traveling to the living rooms of 40 fans across the country to play house concerts in what we call "The Get Folked Tour - 2017."

We know it may sound strange to those of you who have never experienced a house concert before, but these shows are a really special way to hear Adam up close and personal, and all AEG fans are welcome!! Just check out the tour page, find a house concert near you, reach out the host, and reserve your spot before the night is sold out!!

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(yes, we made shirts for the tour...yup, we're pretty psyched about them too!)

SURPRISE: A New Live Solo Album!!!

We've taken the recordings from one of Adam's solo shows this fall and made a new album: "Adam Ezra: Live at Tremedal"!! Adam will have copies available on tour, or you can stream and order your copy today on-line here!!

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First Final Demo Track for the Next AEG Album!!

As many of you know, we've invited all of our fans to produce our next album with us through Pledge Music. So far we have over 150 producers on board, we've posted 23 rough demos, as well as some videos showing our producers first hand how we are working in-studio. Over the next 2 months we will be posting all 23 final demos for listening, in the hopes that come February 28th we'll be able to decide what the final 10 tracks will be! Today we are posting our first final demo, "Juna Please," a song Adam wrote with John Oates.

Please join us in this adventure!

We want to hear your opinions!

We want you to help shape this project!

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Click here to learn all about what we're doing!

Holiday Giving Project:

A HUGE thanks to all of you who were able to provide gift bags for our neighbors at the Pine Street Inn homeless shelter in Boston. We collected over 80 gift bags for their holiday drive, all full of essentials like shampoo, soap, toothbrushes, washcloths, razors, socks, hats, gloves and scarves. The gift bags were given out to shelter guests on Christmas Eve at a special dinner... just a little something to lift some spirits during what is often the most difficult time of the year out on the streets.

This community of ours continues to inspire us ever day, reminding us what we can do when we decide to take action together...

Thank you!!

The Group Comin Back Strong Starting the End of February!

Yup...keep checking the tour page, the spring season is comin up fast, and chances are we will be headed your way...

We love you.

Here's to 2017!!!


team aeg

updated: 4 months ago