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-Old Pizza / New Tour / Free Music!

-Old Pizza  New Tour  Free Music
i just ate an entire pizza.

took me a few hours.

not sure i can move.

really bad idea.

just came back from a whirlwind week in the studio, and i was excited to do as little moving as possible. i thought to myself, i could just order a pizza...couple meals worth...meant i wouldn't have to leave the couch at all, save for the occasional trip to the bathroom.

problem is, i have terrible self control...particularly around pizza. once that box of delicious goodness was stationed next to me it was simply impossible to keep my hands from grabbing slab after slab.

honestly, the last half didn't even taste good anymore. just painful.

i have issues.

luckily it did not deter me from enjoying my day alone. even when it's a drafty basement, home is still home, and as i've been enjoying my little nest, my thoughts are across the ocean, in japan. where people have lost everything. i am feeling lucky to have a belly full of pizza and a place to lay my head. i am also hoping that as those terrible waves travel across the pacific, they lose some of their gumption and my friends and family in california stay safe and sound...

for them, this month's song, is "california." it's an oldie off of our first band longer in print. it's still one of my favs, to this day. check it out. help yourself. it don't cost nuttin...

see you out on the road!




couple quick announcements for ya:

1. ramble 2011 comin soon...april 17th in foxboro, ma!! we are hoping to raise 35,000 meals for families in need here in new england this year. please check it all out:

we need your help!! no matter where you are, please help us spread the word!

p.s. did you know that even though this year's ramble is raising money/meals for feeding america there are lot's of other cool non-profits involved? this is one called letters for liberty, started by a student at wayland highschool!

2. st. patty's day madness comin up at bridge street live in CT on thursday!! this will kick off a tour that will be taking us all over creation: DC, VA, TN, NC, FL, GA, MD, MA, CO, MT, IL, MI and more...wahoo!!



17 - Bridge St. Live - Collinsville CT

19 - Carpool - Herndon VA

26 - Barley's - Knoxville TN

27 - Berkeley Cafe - Raleigh NC (solo show w/ John Fullbright)

29 - Ocean Deck - Daytona Beach FL

30 - Ocean Deck - Daytona Beach FL

31 - Jack Rabbits - Jacksonville FL


1 - FedEx Underground Music Series - Orlando FL

3 - Skippers Smokehouse - Tampa FL

5 - Smiths Olde Bar - Atlanta GA

6 - Martin's Downtown - Roanoke VA

7 - The 8x10 - Baltimore MD


updated: 5 years ago