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The Ramble, next Saturday, August 25th, will be Robin Vincent Soper’s last show with The Adam Ezra Group!!

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Over the last 6 years, Robin has been an integral part of AEG.  Beyond being an incredible bassist, he has also been a friend and partner, playing hundreds of shows, traveling thousands and thousands of miles, and creating a million memories that we will all share forever.
Life on the road is a difficult one though, and Rob has decided that he’s ready to be in one place for a while.  This spring he moved to New York City with his gal, and for the next chapter in his life, Rob will be playing locally in the Big Apple.

In the summer of 2006, fresh out of Berlkee College of Music, Rob first began touring with AEG, sporting a choir-boy haircut and the snug khaki pants that inspired his first nickname, Gigslacks.
aezra 1756

aezra 1756
Over the years he developed a sound and style all his own, helping to arrange, perform, and record songs on albums, “View From the Root”, and “Ragtop Angel”.  A reflection of the heavy grooves we was creating with The Group, he grew that infamous beard and was quickly dubbed big daddy by the band and fans alike. Click here for the video proof.

Rob is the kinda of player who always pushes himself to be better.  His sound, style and versatility as a bassist has helped shape our sound and taken us down musical avenues that we would have never otherwise gone.
In December of this year we will be releasing the acoustic album, “Daniel the Brave.”  It is fitting that this recording is not only Rob’s last, but also his favorite.

While this is a bitter sweet time for all of us, we are thankful for the years we’ve had together, and know that Rob will always be a part of the AEG family.
Come out and celebrate our final show together, next Saturday at The Ramble!! We couldn’t think of a better show to send a brother off in style!!

Below is a message from Rob that he wanted to share with you:

When this journey started for me I was in my third year at Berklee College of Music and found out about the band from a posting on the internet.  I had no idea what was in store.  Over the next six years I have traveled around the country to dozens of states. Played hundreds and hundreds of shows.  Signed autographs.  Been on TV and radio.  Played at festivals, in clubs, bars, boats, barns, and even from inside a moving van.  I have learned so much.  About music and myself.  I made friendships that will last a lifetime and had experiences that I will never forget.  All of this was possible because of you, the fans, and I just wanted to say thank you.  Thank you for the big and little things.  Thank you for coming to shows hours away from home.  Thank you for dropping that money in the I Love You Box when you didn’t have to.  Thank you burning our music for, and pestering, your friends.  Thank you for coming up after a show and saying good job.  It all means so much.

One of the things that I have recently learned on the journey is that being a touring musician may not be what ultimately makes me happy. As many of you know, I recently moved to New York City and I hope to continue in music, playing locally.  I’ll try waking up every morning in the same bed.  Even in the pursuit of this new adventure you all helped me.  You have helped give me the confidence I need to move forward into this next stage of my music career.  So thank you.

I know this won’t be goodbye forever. I’ll see you in the crowd at AEG shows in the future. So for now I’ll just say thanks and see you soon.



A New Chapter:

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While we have known we were parting ways with Rob for a while now, it was not until recently that we were ready to announce that as of Labor Day Weekend, Nelson Leong will officially be joining The Adam Ezra Group on bass!!

Born in Malaysia, Nelson first began working in the music industry in the South Pacific as a radio promoter. After taking some time away to earn an undergraduate degree in engineering, Nelson decided that he simply couldn’t live without making music a central part of his life.  He moved to Boston where he enrolled in Berklee College of Music as a bassist. Upon graduating Nelson has been burning up the local music scene as a gun for hire.

He was among 15 or so bassists we auditioned to fill Rob’s shoes, and Nelson blew us away with his talent, charisma, and ability to fit right in as one of the family!

Over the last couple months, we’ve been working with Nelson to get him up to speed on the many, many AEG songs we play in concert.  Can’t wait to share him with you!!

We’ve heard people say that when one door closes in life, another always opens...

While we are sad to say goodbye to Robin, we are so happy for him and the success we are sure he will find in the big city!!

We are also so excited to enter into this new chapter of The Adam Ezra Group story!!!

First and foremost though, on Aug 25th, at The Ramble, we are gonna tear the house down one last time with our brother, Rob.







                              ....sounds perfect to us...

                                                                            ...we’ll see you there...

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