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on the road with ellis paul!

on the road with ellis paul
let's talk about ellis paul for a second. if you check our tour schedule, you'll notice there are a bunch of opening shows with ellis coming up this fall. if you're asking who the hell this guy is, then you simply are not following the folk music circuit closely my friend. (probably an american idol watcher :). ellis has been one of the standard bearers of the singer/songwriter scene for about 20 years. great songwriter and a great person to boot! anyways, ellis and AEG are both currently signed to the same management company. they had the brilliant idea of getting us out on the road together. so far i've opened up for ellis 3 times solo acoustic and they have all been a blast. more so than almost any other artist i've seen, he's got a following that is comprised of...simply put...good people. each time i play with ellis i feel like i'm hanging out in the living room after thanksgiving dinner...know what i mean? i feel like if instead of playing music, i got up there and suggested we play a group game of charades, everyone in the room would be on board...
    so here's where things get interesting. ellis just finished recording a big time album down in nashville filled with wonderous band sounds. he, however, has always toured acoustically. figured out where i'm goin with this yet? yup, a week after our boston AEG cruise concert, we played the ellis paul cruise as his back up band! wacky right? fear not, we're not on our way to becoming a professional back-up band, but it was a total kick for us to learn a completely different kind of music. it was particularly challenging and fun for me as i spent the entire show playing electric/lead guitar! confession: i am by no means qualified to pull this off, but with a lot of practice and lessons from the rest of the group, we ended up pulling it off in style. good to see the ellis paul crowd yelping and dancin up a storm. crowning accomplishment: when the crowd started chanting for ellis to take off his shoes!
    these tour dates are gonna be acoustic sets, but we hope to rock the whole band with ellis again soon:
    Nov 27 2009   8:00
    Kennett Flash - Solo Acoustic Set Opening for Ellis Paul Kennett Square, Pennsylvania
    Nov 28 2009 8:00
    Midtown Scholar Bookstore - Solo Acoustic Set Opening for Ellis Paul Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
    Nov 29 2009 2:00
    University Cafe - Solo Acoustic Set Opening for Ellis Paul Stonybrook, New York
    Dec 3 2009 7:00
    Legion Arts - adam ezra supporting ellis paul in cedar rapids Cedar Rapids, Iowa
    Dec 4 2009 7:00
    Vaudeville Mews - adam ezra supporting ellis paul in des moines Des Moines, Iowa
    Dec 5 2009 7:30
    West Side Folk - adam ezra supporting ellis paul in lawrence ks Lawrence, Kansas
    Dec 6 2009 8:00
    Off Broadway Nightclub - Opening for Ellis Paul at Off Broadway   St. Louis, Missouri
    for complete tour dates, check out:
    see you down the road!

updated: 7 years ago