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Chapter 2: Best (and Worst) of 2010!

Chapter 2 Best and Worst of 2010
Chapter 2. The Ramble -

i'll admit it was a crazy idea. it's just that we'd been playing so many charity events for so inspired by the things our fans were doing all over the place, that we had to create a charity event of our own; one that not only did some good for the world, but also paid tribute to what i believe is the most amazing group of fans and followers to ever exist on the planet.

the ramble, year one, was a fundraiser for our neighbors down in haiti, through one of our favorite non-profit orgs, "partners in health" ( the concept was simple enough...for every fan that gathered 20 friends or more to come out to the show with them, we would personally hire a bus to pick them all up and drive them to the concert and back, where ever they decided to gather.

over 300 people came in on buses from around new england! over 500 folks in attendence! ...all hangin together...all there to help support our friends in haiti and dance our faces off! beyond the amazing party, it made us truly proud to have played a part in creating such an incredible community of fans and friends. if you're reading this, you are very much a part of who we are. i know i speak for all of us when i say that we feel incredibly honored that you have made us part of your life. thank you. thank you.

check out a vid from last years Ramble:

time to announce the 2011 ramble!!

sunday, april 17, at showcase live in foxboro, ma! buses will be in full affect!! this year we will be raising money to buy meals for folks in new england who need a little help getting by. the org we're working with is called head to to get the latest info as it unfolds!!

10 worst moments of 2010, (also not in any particular order), continued...

2. another incident with the police in maine -

i'm not exactly sure what it is, but that state definitely has me on a short leash. maine happens to be the only state in which i have been carted away to jail.

no...not murder. not even vagrancy (as you might have been expecting). no, the reason for my getting thrown into the clink was driving with an expired license.

not kidding.

hand cuffed.

hauled down to cumberlin country jail.

...yes, one day there will be a song about it...

but this is not a story about that.

it is however related in that there is a sub-clause somewhere on page 347 of the by-laws in the official main state divers rules and regulations manual that i'm sure clearly states that if you are arrested in maine for driving without a license, and you then reinstate you license back in massachusetts, you still have to pay an extra service charge to official reinstate your license in maine. (as if paying for bail and getting my car un-impounded weren't already enough pain a suffering to atone for my wrong-doings)

fast forward to this summer. i am running late for a festival. i hit a speed trap. get pulled over. and...well...just watch the video.

i apologize in advance for my brief bout with insanity...(i was a little on edge)

watch the insanity here:

stay tuned for chapter 3!

updated: 6 years ago