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-The Nail Biting Conclusion!

-The Nail Biting Conclusion
the nail biting conclusion!!


i had no idea what i was getting into when i started this thing.

if you have read this far, i am amazed.

if you simply decided to skip to the end, i don't blame you.

but whether you are a first time visitor stumbling upon this blog, you are a casual fan checking in to see what's up, or you are a hardcore, full fledged member of our aeg family, i want to thank you.

thank you for making 2010 so special for us.

thanks in advance for the adventures we'll get into together in 2011.

this is your band too.

stay in touch.

shape us.

you can rally us to your town...inspire new bogs and videos from us...make requests...send in artwork!

music for us, is a two way street.

yes, the stuff we do is meant for you to enjoy, but the energy you give in return fuels and inspires what we do.

(the rock n' roll god of karma and reciprocity shakes his bearded, pierced head in approval)

finally, i thought i would end this ridiculously long blog by sharing my own new year's resolution.

it came out of a little show we did in ludlow, vt a few nights ago during "burn brightly"

i love the feeling of the beginning of the new year.

so many possibilities.

so much potential.

it's arbitrary, you know...

...the fact that we feel this way on new years day, and not on november 17th.

my goal for 2011 is to face each morning like it is new years day. to shake off the bad, file away the good, breath deep, and start again looking out at all the potential in the year to come.

it's going to be a good year.


updated: 5 years ago