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Chapter 7: Best (and Worst) of 2010!

Chapter 7 Best and Worst of 2010
7. music placements -

so here is some stuff that you may not have know about from 2010.

sherrilyn kenyon, best selling author, used our song "kill like this" to advertise one of her new books called "infinity"!

check out the vid on her site:

i also have been doing some writing for tv stuff.

here's a clip from the "lil' wayne - behind the music" that aired on VH1. basically, whenever you hear somber music in the background that's not rap, it's lil' ole' me, along with the help of friend and producer, tim leitner:

notre dame did a bunch of commercials that they asked me to score for NBC. for these, i worked with another friend and producer, adam elk:

it's such a cool thing to produce music for someone else!

it's like a musical jigsaw puzzle or something, the game being, "how do you create music that will help bring out the emotions of what they are trying to communicate to their audience."

totally fun!

so at this point, i should admit that i have done a bit of commercial stuff in the past as well. adam elk (mentioned above), does a ton of commercials and every once in a while he calls me in to sing on one. i don't mention it much because...well...see for yourself.

10 worst moments of 2010, (also not in any particular order), continued...

7. running out of gas (multiple times) -

i don't know why i lose my keys and my phone at least twice a day. i can't explain how i can remember my friends' phone numbers from 7th grade, yet not remember to take my guitar home from a gig.

it could be a scorching case of attention deficit disorder.

it could be that the massive amounts of ramen noodles i've consumed over the years have slowly eaten away at my brain cells.

maybe it's the rock n' roll god of inscrutable perplexation flipping me the occasional bird.

anything's possible, i guess.

regardless, the long and short of it all brings us to an inevitable and logical conclusion: i'm a mess.

in 2010 i ran out of gas.

a lot.

as i believe that there is no better way to deal with one's deficiencies than to serve them up for public consumption, i decided to do some vlogging while in the throws of petroleum deprivation...


updated: 6 years ago