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Chapter 6: Best (and Worst) of 2010

Chapter 6 Best and Worst of 2010
6. on the road with some bad-ass bands -

i've always loved live music...(shocker)

one of the coolest things about becoming more successful as a musician, for me, has been the opportunity to go out on the road with some of the best musicians out there.  i mean...what's better than that?!

i need to start this section by giving a shout out to our friends in rusted root who took us out on 11 shows in 2010!   thousands of fans...many ridiculous impromptu, live, inter-band jam sessions on-stage...parties...buses...fried sharing...sword juggling...and many other acts of tom foolery, ballyhoo, and reckless debauchery.

thanks Rusted Root, for many good memories from one of our first serious national tours.

in case you missed it, here are some interviews we did with some of the members:

but that's only the tip of the 2010 iceberg!

we did runs with big head todd, assembly of dust, tea leaf green, enter the haggis, and i got to play a ton of solo/acoustic shows with ellis paul as well!

also we did some pretty amazing one-offs as well, (this is fancy music biz talk for "we just played one show..."), with robert randolph and the family band, john hiatt, little feat, perpetual groove, corey smith, and a bunch of others...

(this doesn't even include the fests, which i will get to in a later chapter!)

again, at this point i must sound like a broken record, (plus i started drinking whiskey about an hour ago while typing, which i'm sure isn't helping), but as i write these memories out for you, i can't help but be overwhelmed by how lucky i am to be living the life i am living right now.

hardships aside, i know the entire group feels the same way.

if there is one thing i hope you take away from this ridiculously long new years blog, it's that YOU...yes literally YOU...are the reason all of these good things are happening to us.

it's overwhelming to think about, and i wish that i could do more than write THANK YOU in bold type a million times.  

i guess we also made a pretty sweet vlog as well.

i mean, if that doesn't say "i love you" than what does?

10 worst moments of 2010, (also not in any particular order), continued...

6.  near death experience on a colorado mountainside -

it's true.  turtle and i almost bought the farm.  (and not in a good way)

it was probably a combination of  driving on a ridiculously treacherous road during a ridiculously treacherous storm, while also not being in complete control of our bodily functions after having played with robert randolph and the family band, who blew our minds, and are, without a doubt, one of the nastiest bands we've even seen live...

for those who missed it, we caught our near demise on film:

but really, this worst of 2010 is less about that, and more an ode to every nasty storm we were stuck in...every time we had to dig the van out of a snow bank...every time we had to lift hundreds of pounds of equipment up flights of stairs...every time we had to fight to stay awake during a long driving stretch while incredibly sleep deprived...

yes, ALL of those things happened to us many times over the last year and thankfully we are still here to tell the tale!

i finish off chapter 6 by raising my glass of whiskey to the sky and shouting "here's to you, oh rock n' roll god of early and unnecessary death!  may your chic leather cloak and sickle haunt us not in 2011, as i am sure we have many great and perilous adventures awaiting us on the near horizon!"

updated: 6 years ago