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Chapter 5: Best (and Worst) of 2010!

Chapter 5 Best and Worst of 2010
5. activism and hard times-

ok, so in this chapter i thought i'd start with the bad and work my way towards the good.

it starts real low, but ends real high. in fact, for me, this chapter illustrates, both the absolute worst and absolute best of 2010, and if you ever wanted to know why it is that i write and play music, you can find the answer in the following:

it's a scary time.

it's been a scary year.

we see it every night, out on the road.

...folks outa work., or working harder than they've ever had to just to keep their heads above water.

...the feeling that our government is gridlocked between parties who, in their quest for dominance, seem to have lost sight of some major big picture stuff.

...the feeling that the US is slowly losing it's grasp on global power, yet still exerting itself with unconvincing gusto.

...the feeling that a piece of each of us is missing as so many of our friends and family are serving our country far away from home.

these feelings exist within almost everyone we meet these days, whether we are in mobile, alabama, aspen, colorado, portland, maine, or los angeles, california.

it's these feelings, common to all of us, that i find so comforting and even inspiring at times. despite the things that make me frustrated and angry as an american, it's this shared thread amongst all of us that somehow always manages to make me feel lucky and proud.

because there is a positive side to this that we see everyday too.

in the midst of everything, there are still so many people able to muster up the courage to make a difference.

we have played a ton of events in 2010, organized by average folks wanting to affect positive change.

some events have been tiny.

some events have been big.

some of them have raised money.

some of them have raised awareness.

all of them have made us feel honored to be playing a role, and rekindled my faith that music is the most powerful tool there is for bringing together community in times of hardship.

of all the exciting things we've done in 2010, our activism continues to be the thing that i am the most proud of.

we are not bono.

we don't have millions of people we can affect by holding a press conference or throwing a concert that raises tons of money.

but we roll up our sleeves, none the less, for the things that we care about and the people who inspire us.

one small event at a time.

it's amazing how much those small things can fill you up.

and even though our steps are small these days, they are inspired steps.

i hope we never lose that.

this year we have supported many causes, from aids awareness, to cancer research, to the prevention of human trafficking, to disaster relief, to fighting for global human rights...the list goes on...

i've been trying to keep my profanity to a minimum during these blogs, but i feel like it needs saying: it's been fucking amazing.

my favorite (and smallest) shows have been my visits to "the pine street inn" homeless shelter here in boston. on sunday mornings, when not on the road, i head over there with my guitar and play for the folks during the midday meal. it's kinda like church for me...sitting in the corner of the dining area...taking requests...butchering ray charles and getting giggles from a handful of ladies who don't have much cause for giggling most of the time. some of our fans and friends have been coming down with me to serve food while i good to have them on board. in 2011, i promise we'll do a better job of letting you know when i'm rolling down there. would love to have you on board!

and on a bigger note, 2011 will mark the launching of a non profit organization i have started. i promise you'll hear more about this as the year rumbles on, but in essence, it will consist of a team of people who will be devoted to helping YOU put together your own event.

what do you care about?

what do you want to change?

pick a cause that moves you.

rally your friends together.

our organization will help connect you with the non-profit you care about and help you bring in live music...for free!!

as our board organizes sponsors, the website, etc., aeg will be testing the model this spring by reaching out to our student fans.

effective immediately.

if you go to a high school or college, you want to put together a live concert event, and you've got a cause that you care about, write in to us from facebook or the website. our team will select one campus a month. we'll help you organize your event and play a free concert for you and your peeps!!

if you're ready to step it up and make a difference, so are we.

game on.

lastly, if you find yourself hurting financially these days...perhaps aeg is playing in your neighborhood and you really don't feel like swinging the ticket price...drop us a line...we'll be happy to pay for your ticket. 2011 is going to be a big year for us, and we want you to be a part of it.

updated: 6 years ago