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Chapter 4: Best (and Worst) of 2010!

Chapter 4 Best and Worst of 2010

our van, "the swamp," next to Rusted Roots luxury tour bus

4. radio -

it used to be that the only way a band ever got noticed was by getting on the radio.

while this is actually no longer the case thanks to our friend the inter-web, it is a BIG deal to be getting spins on the air, and we are incredibly psyched that in 2010 we began to get our first glimpse of national radio attention!

first and foremost we want to thanks WERS here in boston for first getting the ball rolling. they are truly one of the best indie stations on the planet and since the re-release of "view from the root" in january, have been playing us faithfully. we've also done a bunch of live sessions in studio there, which have been super fun as well...

if you go to and search for us, you can check out a bunch of performances, interviews, and articles.

two other new england stations who have been good to us are the river 92.5 in boston/nh and wheb 100.3 in nh. both great stations with great people. over the course of 2010 they have both had us play at a number of their events. 92.5 has been spinning us on their "homegrown" show and wheb has had me hang, live in the studio a few times.

but in addition, and this is where things begin to get really interesting, there are a ton of web stations who have begun to take an interest in us as well! you can listen to these stations from anywhere, and more importantly they all take requests!

this next part is very important so don't be alarmed by my caps:



(stay tuned for a complete list of radio stations that have our music! there are hundreds!) and in the mentime, send your favorite stations an email and request our music!

here are a few to get you started:

WERS 88.9 :

92.5 The River :

100.3 WHEB :

we'd also like to recommend checking out our station on pandora. just type in "adam ezra group" and press play! we love it, and by rating the songs you like or dislike as they come up, you can affect the nature of the "adam ezra group" channel!!

10 worst moments of 2010, (also not in any particular order), continued...

4. dead van/dead cars -

tour miles are hard miles.

we've had a rough time keeping vehicles on the road in 2010.

the worst was our van breaking down in september. we were about two weeks away from a stretch that was going to have us on the road for about a month and a half, and we suddenly had no transportation.

luckily, rob, turtle, and josh huddled up, brainstormed, schemed, and finally figured out how to get a new (used) van for the group's touring. they did everything but sell their actual bodies, (a strategy i suggested more than once), and although for a while it turned our fledgling little business into a debt ridden boondoggle of immeasurable sorrow, we muscled through, and i am happy to report that as of 2011, we are back on our feet and saving our pennies for a new trailer to go with our spiffy new (used) van!

i truth, the old van didn't have AC, and during the summer months, due to it's pleather interior, (and for graphic reasons i am hereby unwilling to go into), it was lovingly referred to as "the swamp".

oh, clunky and benevolent swamp - you will be missed.

(but not that much)

in addition, turtle, (commuting up from RI to link in with us), has gone through a couple vehicles this year. at one point, he would drive to rehearsals, but as soon as he hit traffic he'd have to turn around and go home because his coolant system had blown, and sitting in traffic would overheat the car.

josh's sweet minivan went on the outs and has now been replaced by another sweet minivan. (he's clearly the hipster of the group)

and yes, i too was not without my own auto-immune-deficiency woes. (sorry...terrible joke).

but it leads me to a story that is sure to warm your cockles and spoon your soul.

my car died. was dying really. as you may or may not know, a four cylinder engine huffing away on 3 cylinders is not long for this world. i showed up late to a show one night, and due to my babbling modus operandi on stage, ended up talking about it, or singing about it during the set. after the show, some of our amazing, incredible fans came up to me and said that they had an old pontiac they were gonna get rid of and offered it to me, right then and there!

so keep a look out on the road in 2011. if you happen to be passing a sporty, sky-blue, '97 grand am doing about 40 on the highway, chances are that's me!

aeg 2011 - we roll in style...

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