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3:07 a.m.

307 am
it's 3:07 am. been a while since i've had a chance to actually write a babbling blog to you. it's an interesting thing...writing a blog...particularly strange for me as a person who writes for a living through a completely different medium. i'm so used to connecting through songwriting, it's hard for me to process what it feels like to write to you without hiding behind a guitar. anyways, you are catching me in a very sentimental moment. i've been listening to colin hay's song "waiting for my real life to begin" on repeat for the last hour and a half. not exaggerating. perhaps it's best to chalk it up to not having had a full night's sleep for what feels like a few months now, but during one of the last 50 listens i actually began crying. yup. no shit. isn't music amazing? the places it can reach... and the fact that it takes an effort on our parts as listeners to let it get in there. hell, tonight it took me a good 10 listens for colin to really start to make a dent. same song. on repeat.

similar things happen at shows... on the nights when the most magic happens, it often only partly has to do with us. so much comes from the listeners. funny to think about it, right? that when you go to a show, you're responsible for the outcome as much as the artists? that by entering the room you are in fact becoming an artist yourself.

been thinking about that stuff a bunch tonight. it's the eve before our first headlining performance at tupelo music hall in londonderry, nh. got an email from scott, the owner of the venue, this morning telling us that as of 7am we had already sold over 100 tickets. wow! this fills me up in so many ways. first of all, i know that folks in the area, some of whom have been waiting for us to headline there for a long time, have really been spreading the word...bringing out their friends and family...incredible! also, as a listening room, tupelo is one of my favorite spots in new england. it's got the intimacy of a coffee shop, but you can still bang out a sweaty, rock show and somehow it all works.

the best part of it all, is that tomorrow night is only going to happen once. ever. it will be an experience between me, the group, and the peeps in the room. i'm constantly amazed that although we play 150 shows a year, i'm still totally excited to see how it will unfold each time. i have no idea!!

a lot of people ask me why, even at a seated acoustic show i tend to break out in a gushing sweat by song 2. i wonder a lot about that too, as a matter of fact. ok, part of it is obviously because i'm basically just a sweaty, dirty guy. guilty. but i think part of it also comes from my desire up there to give it all back. every drop of me. not that i'm a martyr. it's completely selfish and hedonistic. i get it back ten fold. it's a drug and it's a gift and it's the reason my blood chooses to flow.

colin's song is still playing in my headphones...feeling like one of those know, the ones you have to keep pushing on for some reason. the sweet pain, and you're not sure why it somehow feels good each time you push on it...

in case we haven't said this to you lately: thanks.

thanks for listening.

thanks for being a part of this little adventure we're on.

i've actually been working on a handful of other blog entries. been feeling like yall deserve some updates on all the mischief we've gotten into this summer. i'm guessing josh will unfold them one at a time over the next few weeks. i promise they won't all be this sappy...


updated: 7 years ago