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direct from a massage chair at a truck stop in western illinois

eating a veggie sub at a truck stop somewhere in western illinois.  ellis is doing a phone interview for the show tonight, and i am charging my phone and computer while sitting in one of those massage chairs.  oh massage for me...a guy on a budget can't be tossing his money around on frivolity and hedonism.  no.  instead i am loitering here.  in the massage chair.  no massage happening.   because it is near an outlet.  and cushy.  getting some dirty looks.  can't tell if it's because of my free-loading ways, or because i just kinda look like a vagrant.

anyway, was thinkin about yall out there and thought i'd drop a line.  been tweeting the crap out of myself on the road lately.  easy to drop quick lines from the car, backstage, while binging on know...the day to day.    testing the waters.  i'm not very good at brevity.  

played at the boston music awards last night.  wacky experience!  more on that later...

they're piping jangly, terrible holiday music into the massage chair nothing sacred?!

ellis just finished his interview.  laughed at me and paid for my massage. now trying to type while vibrating.  


no, make that ponderous.

forgot to bring shoes on this trip.  it's already snowing...


updated: 7 years ago