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we never expected to inspire such controversy!

excited to be finishing up our epic spring tour back in Boston, on a boat, partnering with legendary band, Max Creek, we created a video.

granted, an incredibly stupid video...

…but a video none the less.

we actually did this last year as well, but this time we brought in producer Brad Norman (Miss Hallelujah), to do it right!

i don’t know how many of you watch Saturday Night Live, but there is a song that they do called, “I’m On A Boat”.  we think it’s pretty damn funny.   yes childish, profane, and absurd, but it’s the official stance of AEG that sometimes that stuff is good for the soul.

we spent a day filming in idyllic Malden, MA with our friends, had a ridiculously fun time, and in the end came up with a video that is, in our humble opinion, good for at least a solid chuckle or two…

little did we know that we would be stirring the proverbial hornets nest!  since it’s release we’ve received thousands of letters, emails, and posts from fans all over the country expressing their disappointment that we would release such smut!!

(ok – that’s a gross exaggeration...)

regardless, we are not used to complaints from our fans, and the episode has provoked some deep soul searching on our part.

“what is it that we stand for?”

“as the recent recipient of the ‘Grass Roots Award’ for humanitarian service through music at this year’s New England Music Awards, are we now obligated to maintain a certain standard when it comes to what we release for public consumption?”

“should the outrage of some of our fans dictate what do?”

“as a guy who enjoys a good f-bomb every now and again, should I begin to work on cleaning up my act?”

luckily over the past 5 weeks on tour, we have had time to contemplate these philosophical complexities, and are now ready to take an official stance.  here goes.  strap in:

1.     We love you – all of the exciting things we are doing these days are 100% due to your support and fandom. we are so grateful everyday for this!  you inspire us!  you keep us alive!!  we are quite certain that our feelings on this matter will never change.

2.     Philanthropy does not equal sainthood – we are so proud of the work we are doing with our non-profit, and the community outreach we prioritize in our lives.  at the same time, despite the many sad and serious causes we support, we also feel that life is a celebration, filled with fun and stupidity, and should never be taken too seriously.

3.     I like to swear – it brings me joy.  don’t ask me why.  i have learned to subdue my proclivity for trucker talk at all ages shows, but if AEG were a movie, we would be rated “R”.  we’re ok with this.

4.     Ya can’t please everyone – as more and more people learn about our music, more and more people will continue to have opinions on what we should and should not do.  despite our universal love and respect for ALL of our fans, in the words of Sammy Davis Jr., “I’ve gotta be me.”  (or in this case “We’ve gotta be we”)  We are so sorry that this video has offended some of you, but in the end of the day, we think it’s a gasser.

love it or hate it, that’s the deal folks.  we, as always, are on twitter, FB, and email 24/7 if you’d like to chat about it.  or better yet, come out to a concert!  we are continuously on tour and always enjoy hangin and talkin to ya at the shows.

if you’d like to meet us on the boat in question, you’re all invited!!  june 2nd on Boston Harbor with Max Creek! i’ll be the drunk guy wearing floaties, who looks like a cross between jesus and someone you might find sleeping in a gutter.  the rest of the boys will be in similar festive states.  let’s raise a toast, express our differences, and hug it out…

sincerely and faithfully,

                                           the motherfucking adam ezra group

p.s.  thanks to so many of you who have been coming out to our shows across the country.  so exciting to be spreading our wings!!

updated: 4 years ago