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regarding mustaches, corona, and therapy...

so i got to hang with my ma a bit today. we ended up watching about 5 hours worth of the HBO series "in patient". heard of it? if not, you're not going to believe this... ok so a person goes to a shrink and you watch the session. it's in real time. every awkward pause, every childhood anecdote, everything....

can you imagine anything more boring?! that's what i thought too, but oh no...

i'm totally hooked. ashamed, slightly. but hooked. my goal is actually to chat with yall for a bit and then go watch another session! (ok, that did i'm more than slightly ashamed)

speaking of therapy, or perhaps the need there of, i figured it was time to explain the mustache. first of all, i don't care what anybody was magnificent. creepy, but magnificent. in fact i have decided that at least for the near future, all big events in my life should be accompanied by the mustache. party's, weddings, bar mitvahs...i think nothing really says "i'm lookin for fun" like a mustache. i also think there may be real money potential in applying to be yani's stunt double.

as you may have picked up on, i sadly did refer to the mustache in the past tense. simply put, the group went on strike until i shaved.

truth be told, i only did it for your viewing enjoyment. there was such a hubub about that pic with me wearing a beard a few weeks ago, that i felt like you all deserved a little mustache lovin. the cool thing that i learned from the experience is that when you actually try to say things like "mustache lovin" while wearing a mustache, you can actually induce vomiting from anyone within earshot.

only one show with the boys last week. we've been rehearsing and recording a ton in preparation for the upcoming acoustic album and summer touring. next week we actually leave for a week in the the studio. so fun!!

thanks to lori and steve for throwing one helluvan after party on saturday night in hartford. i learned that any skill i may have when it comes to beerpong is dwarfed by my inability to hang on "rock band". although in my defense, they didn't not have a drumset, which i'm still bullshit about...

remember i told you about my crazy recording experience with VH1 the other day? had another one this weekend! OK, perhaps not quite as glamorous as recording for lil wayne, but still fun as hell. i was in nyc on friday working on some tracks for the new album and got a call from some friends of mine who are working on a corona commercial and couldn't figure out the music. they sent me the commercial sans music and asked if i could write something that would work.


luckily i was in the studio and was already scheduled to work with two amazing producers over the following two days. in each session we wrote and recorded some music for the commercial and sent it over to corona. they are apparently reviewing it today, and will let us know soon if it's going to be used.

as a writer, these experiences are so fascinating for me! it's such a nice challenge to take myself out of my own head and my own style, and try to come up with something completely different. every artist falls into patterns, and it's fascinating to find exercises that can force me to broaden the way i think about music.

(P.S. i just bought my first electric guitar...wahoo!!)

see ya soon...


updated: 7 years ago