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Adam Ezra Group

Apple Picking with AEG! Scavenger Hunt! Potato Salad!

Apple Picking with AEG Scavenger Hunt Potato Salad
hey folks!

josh here. so as you know, the adam ezra group is headlining tupleo music hall ( in londonderry nh on friday, sept 18. this is a really cool spot. it's basically a big open room with awesome sound, and a few sandwiches to eat. it's all ages and its b.y.o.b! so if you're over 21 you can roll in with whatever beverages you choose!

now here's the thing: adam is constantly talking about his alleged apple picking prowess. and, you know, i'm not one to brag, but i'm pretty sure i have him beat in that department. well we got to talking and we decided that, in celebratory anticipation of our headlining show at tupelo, an apple picking outing was in order.

and you all are invited.

now, we decided, if we're gonna get together and pick apples, lets incorporate some extra frivolity. so here's the deal: there will also be a scavenger hunt at the apple orchard where prizes will include free tickets to the tupelo music hall show, hats, frisbees, shaving lessons from rob, and other fabulous prizes that we have yet to think of. scavenger hunt clues will be given via twitter, so if you want to participate in the scavenger hunt, sign up on twitter, follow adam ezra, and have the updates sent to your phone or other mobile device. here's the link:

and, hey, if you are not the "adventurous, scavenger hunt" type, then just come hang with us and pick delicious apples. and bring some grub and some beverages, cuz after apple picking we're gonna have a picnic. turtle makes the most fantastic potato salad.

and if you don't already have tickets to the tupleo show ( you can pick them up directly from us at the apple orchard.

who: you and the adam ezra group
what: apple picking scavenger hunt with aeg (scavenger hunt clues sent via twitter at
when: sunday september 13 at 4:00
where: macks apples:
why: because it has to be done.

updated: 7 years ago