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Two Run-ins With American Idol

two run ins with american idol:  

never seen the show before.  ok...i've seen parts here and there, but never for more than 10 minutes at a time.  don't get me wrong.  i'm not judging.  i think it's amazing that a reality tv show has helped people to achieve their dreams of being pop stars.  i dig.  i bet i would even love it if i ever got around to actually sitting down and watching it.  just don't watch much tv..  (though am loving true blood these days!  ever seen it? so fun!).

anyways, i got a call from a club called showcase live in foxboro, ma.  this is an great, great club to play at/see music at.  beautiful space.  beautiful sound.  we opened for toad the wet sprocket there in feb, and i opened up solo for judy collins a few months later..  anyways, they wanted me to come in and open for a guy named bo bice..  ever heard of him?  if not, like me, you're clearly just not watching enough american idol!  he was one of the big runners up in a previous season and is now touring the country with his southern rock/pop band.  

the randomness of the music world never ceases to fascinate me!  so here i was preparing to open for an american idol star, and literally had no idea what to expect.  would it be a crowd looking for pop music?  would the leather wearing, biker side of bo dictate the crowd?  lively music fans or passive TV watchers?  i had no idea...until i stepped out onto the stage...and i can now describe the crowd with one word:  COUGARS.  a room full of cougars.  FYI – if you don't know what a cougar is, chances are you probably are one...ask around.
as i approached the mic, and table full of ladies near the front called out, "where are yer shoes, sugar?!"  and the mayhem began...  i swear there was more back and forth between me and the crowd than there was actual music..  i felt like 1 part folk musician, 1 part pole dancer.  

in all seriousness though, it turned into an amazing night.  bo's fans were a ton of fun, and i had a great night!  so inspiring to be able to connect with an entire room full of new faces...all coming from different places...all connected through music.  i'm a lucky guy.  happy to live in a basemet for this...

which brings me to our second american idol run-in.  

so it's the night of our big boston boat cruise.  we're fired up!  loaded onto the boat.  i scampered off to a bar called the sailloft to have a few beers with some of the concert goers.  as i come back, we see a bunch of TV cameras, screaming onlookers, general chaos...  i knew right away that it wasn't for us because simply put, that ain't how AEG rolls.  upon further investigation, turns out that it was the latest round of american idol contestants doing some sort of contest on a boat that happened to have been docked next to ours. make a short story not so short, if you are an american idol watcher, you may find yourself locked into an episode with some sort of aquatic mischief going on.  perhaps during one of the scenes you may see the boat pulling away from the dock and a few scraggly onlookers with confused expressions on their faces leaning over the rail of the neighboring ferry...yup, that's us.

on the topic of boats and cruises, thanks so much to all of the folks that came out to the aeg boston harbor cruise.  holy shit, what a fun night!  i don't know what it is about those cruises.  it's certainly not the sweet stage, cuz there clearly isn't one.  i mean in reality, if a club ever opened up that was as cramped and awkward as that boat, let alone one that charged as much for tickets as the damn boat does, it would be outa business in 15 minutes...  but i'll be damned if there isn't something magical about having 300 people afloat under the setting sun that makes for an epic concert experience everytime!  on top of an incredibly fun night, we also managed to raise $3.5k for the tufts floating hospital for children...wahoo!  perfect weather!  perfect night!  i need to write this in capital letters because it's important:  THANK YOU FOR BEING THE FUNNEST FRICKIN FANS AROUND!!!  folks traveled into town from NH, VT, CT, NY, RI, and even PA for the night!  can you believe it?    you're amazing!!!

OK, so you're gonna here it here first...the next serious boston throw down is going to be at the paradise on january 23rd.  it's looking like we're going to be re-releasing a new and improved "view from the root".  remixed with some new tracks too!  it's going to be our biggest boston show yet.  our last boston show sold out 2 months in advance and in new hampshire folks got left out in the cold....  the paradise sells out at 600.  let's see if we can do it!

tickets will go on sale at 10 am on 10/29!!

keep in touch!


updated: 7 years ago