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Adam Ezra Group

Sad Songs for Behind the Music

for those of you who read about my wacky experience writing music for the lil' wayne "behind the music", it actually aired a few weeks ago on sept 10th.  wanted to give you a heads up, but like many things in my life, it seems to have fallen through the cracks.  truth is, i haven't even seen it yet, but people tell me it's pretty cool.  tim, the producer that worked on the music with me said our stuff was pretty much just played when lil' wayne was talking about depressing shit.  so if you happen to get a chance to check it out, when you find yourself watching an interview about lil' wayne's father dying, or hurricane katrina, or young lil' wayne shooting himself in the chest, or if you simply find yourself feeling sad for some unexplainable reason, chances are that lil' ole me is strumming away in the background...wahoo!

updated: 7 years ago