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francis hickey

francis hickey
So here's the deal.

I was born in Hartford, CT and raised just outside of it in a town called Glastonbury.  I started playing trumpet when I was six, and picked up the bass when I was eleven.  When I was 14 I began studying with Charles Flores of the Michel Camilo Trio, who taught me how to play the upright and persuaded me to pursue music professionally.  I moved to Boston after high school, graduated from Berklee, and worked at a few animation studios for about a year or so as an audio engineer.  Then I decided to pursue my passion and play bass for a living before I got old and died.  I mainly worked as a session bassist for about a year or so, but then I got the gig with the AEG and that has since become my focus.

I also saw a blimp once.

updated: 12 months ago