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corinna smith

corinna smith

Hi! I'm Corinna. Here are a few facts about me!

1- I have been playing violin/fiddle for juuust shy of 20 years. My fiddle heroes are Alison Krauss and Stuart Duncan, as well as my own college violin professor Dmitri Berlinsky, and I also have a lifelong love for J.S. Bach, who was a wicked awesome fiddler in his day.

2- I grew up in Michigan, but I’m psyched to call Boston my home now. The boys in the band are trying to turn me into a proper Red Sox fan! (Wish ‘em luck- I know nothing about baseball!!)

3- I have a degree in music education. I love teaching and jump at the chance to give lessons or visit schools when I’m not on the road. I also have some great stories from student teaching. Ask me about the time my sixth-grader locked himself in a tuba locker…

4- My favorite part about being on the road with a band and making music every night is that sensation when everything comes together and everybody in the room is feeling the same thing and we all lift each other up. It’s the closest thing to magic I’ve ever felt.

5- My least favorite part? Gas station bathrooms. Actually—even worse, NO bathrooms!

updated: 2 years ago