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Adam Ezra Group


So, my name is Turtle.

I'm not a real turtle.

I always knew I wanted to be a drummer.

I used to bang on the pots & pans in my mother's kitchen.

When I was 8, I built a drum set out of cardboard boxes and pretended to be Peter Criss from KISS. So naturally, at about 10, I got my first of many musical Christmas gifts…

A guitar.

I took guitar lessons for a little while. It didn't take.

I wanted to be a drummer.

My favorite part of guitar lessons was walking to the studio carrying my guitar case. I thought that was cool.

A couple years later it was time to join the middle school band. I walked into that assembly knowing one thing:

I wanted to be a drummer.

I walked out with a trumpet.

I can still hear the words coming out of the band director's mouth, and I quote, "I know a lot of you boys want to play the drums, we just don't have enough to go around. So, if you really want to be in the band, I would choose another instrument."

What an ass.

I played trumpet for about a year.  I can still smell the valve oil. My favorite thing about playing trumpet was it got me out of Miss Mancieri's English class once a week for band practice.  I thought that was cool.

Flash forward to sophomore year of high school. My best friend Les, (He was a drummer.  He had been a drummer for years…that bastard), was starting to learn to play guitar. Our good friend Kevin, a fine young trumpet player, (sucker), was starting to play the bass. This meant that Les had a drum set in need of a drummer.

Did I mention I always wanted to be a drummer?

So the three of us, armed with our instruments and our only musical resource, “The Complete Beatles,” (two huge books filled with the sheet music to every Beatles' song ever recorded), spent every Sunday morning, for about two years, playing Beatles' songs in Kevin's garage.  It was our church.

…and I was a drummer.

Les was really my first drum teacher, though we never called it that. We mostly spent every Friday night of our senior year in his basement, drinking Budweiser and talking about drums, drumming & drummers, then rolling into Saturday morning marching band practice "smelling like a brewery," as my mother so eloquently put it one day.     Good times.

These days Les is a nutritionist for the W.I.C. program, Kevin is the education director for the Chesapeake Shakespeare Company.

...and I am still banging on pots & pans, and the occasional 2X4 or trash can lid.

I am a drummer.

I am one of two drummers in The Adam Ezra Group.

Come visit us some time.  We are much better than my middle school band.

updated: 2 years ago